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Hoster Template 0 Available

Do you work in the field of hosting and domain sales and do you intend to change your website? Are you planning to start a new business in the field of hosting and web hosting? We have tried to make the hosting template an excellent option among WordPress hosting templates by examining different needs in this field as well as presenting new and updated ideas such as intelligent service search system for customers.

Daal wordpress template 0 Available

Daal template is a WordPress template for movie and serial download sites. This template has a special settings panel to make the necessary changes to the template sections and also has a panel for posting content on the site in three forms movies, serials and other content (such as cinema news, biography, etc.).
Daal movie format has features that are found in less format. Including receiving information from imdb with just one click. This feature will supply a large portion of your content semi-automatically. Also, this WordPress template for downloading movies and serials has a dedicated posting page.